Stateset OS

Stateset OS enables intelligent automation across all of your post-purchase applications.

Workflow Integrations



All of your Commerce Apps

All-in-one platform

Stateset centralizes and automates data across all of your commerce apps giving you the ability to optimize your workflows like never before.

Customer Relationship Management

You can manage phone, email and chat conversations all from a single mailbox.

Inventory Management

You can manage incoming, available and warehouse counts for each SKU.

Returns Management

You can manage RMA creations, return label creation and refund processing.

Subscriptions Management

You can manage integrated subscription billing with Stripe.


Email and SMS notifications for updates on any post-purchase process.

Global Site Search

Find what you need in real-time with enterprise-grade global search.

Reporting and Analytics

Find what you need with advanced filters, bulk actions, and quick views.

Mobile Web

Use Stateset on your Mobile Device to check on your commerce operations.

Frequently asked questions

What's the best thing about Stateset?
Stateset is a fast and powerful technology platform. The platform is built on the Next.js framework and leverages both server-rendering (SSR) and static-site generation (SSG) to provide a best-in-class commerce automation platform for ecommerce merchants.
What comes with Stateset?
Stateset comes with a powerful GraphQL Engine on Postgres, custom serverless APIs, and integrations with Shopify, WooCommerce, ShipStation, ShipHero, Gorgias, FedEx, SendGrid, Twilio, Algolia, Salesforce, HubSpot, Zendesk, Stripe, Quickbooks, Slack and many more.
How long does it take to create a Stateset instance?
Your Stateset instance can be created in seconds. Once your Stateset Virtual Network is provisioned, you will have your entire eCommerce backend integrated with your operations apps and workflows from one fast view.
What is the Stateset Network?
Stateset Network is a globally distributed b2b sales and finance network of nodes for enterprise-grade, real-time transactions and asset workflows. Stateset Network leverages the latest advancements in DevOps and Mesh networking.
Do our suppliers need to sign up to use Stateset?
No, suppliers can call the Stateset Network API from their existing platform or they can use a supplier instance of Stateset for free.
What is the AI engine on Stateset?
Stateset leverages OpenAI's GPT-3 Model, PyTorch and to achieve state of the art results on structured and unstructured data. Stateset ReSponse, automates your customer service tickets based on your organisations knowledge base.

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