Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Last updated: January 14th, 2020

## Terms of Service Before actively participaing in Stateset Network, Stateset Inc. will provide the customer with the following Terms of Service for all of the Network Services it provides. At a minimum, Terms of Service shall include clear, explicit statements to cover the following: - Identification of Service Operator including relevant contact information, trade registry reference number, legal status and regulated status. - Description of the Network Service offered, including technical detail where relevant to its access and operation. - Conditions of service, which may include: - Any requirements for the User to enter into prior agreements with the Service Operator - Applicable hours of operation - Specific conditions under which service may be withheld (e.g. legal, regulatory constraints etc.) - Data restrictions: Data which Users are prohibited from sending to the Network Service - Commitments to deliver a specific level of performance, specifying relevant metrics (e.g. throughput, latency etc.), and how they are measured - Commitments to ensure a specific level of availability (uptime) including provisions for planned and unplanned outages - Charges due to the Service Operator in relation to the Network Service, and how these are to be paid - Acceptance of liability for improper service - Dispute resolution procedures, including means to contact the Service Operator - Compensation scheme(s) applicable in the event of financial losses by a User due to improper service, and procedures for accessing scheme(s) - Disclosures arrangements (see 2.6) - Data handling: Treatment and arrangements for secure management of data provided to the Network Service by Users - Data retention: Policy on the retention and deletion of data provided to the Network Service by Users - Geographical location of all resources (databases, servers etc.) making up the Network Service, naming specific countries in which resources may reside. Where resources are distributed over more than one country, the division of resources across countries shall be unambiguously described. - Governing law: Which set(s) of legislation shall be considered to govern the Terms of Service - Process for changes to the Terms of Service, including notice given to Participants and notification procedures - Process for termination of the Network Service, including requirements for advance notice and migration, where relevant Where any of the above do not apply to a Network Service, the Terms of Service shall include explicit statements to this effect.

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