StateSet Cloud

StateSet Cloud is a modern serverless infrastructure platform.

The all in one modern developer platform for commerce

By offering a modern developer workflow orchestration and real-time hosting; Stateset Cloud enables faster innovation and better customer experiences.

Multi-threaded Temporal Workers
Utilize the latest asynchronous, multithreaded workflow engine to build deterministic workflows with retrys and error handling.
GraphQL API Resolvers
Leverage the power of GraphQL to build and deploy serverless APIs with remote data join resolvers that can be used to query, mutate, and subscribe to external app data.
Serverless Cloud Infrastructure
Utilize the latest developments in serverless architecture to build scalable and cost-efficient applications without the need to provision or manage servers.
Leverage containerization technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes to package and tag application images and their dependencies for easy deployment and management across different environments.
Automated Deployments
Implement automated deployment pipelines CI/CD to streamline the process of deploying code changes to production and ensure consistency.
Cloud Security
Enhance the security of your applications and data with modern cloud security practices, including encryption, access control, monitoring, and vulnerability scanning.

Deploy faster

A better deployment workflow

StateSet Cloud is a modern serverless infrastructure platform that enables developers to build, deploy, and scale applications faster.

Push to deploy.
Automated Git integration that deploys your code to the cloud when you push to your repository.
SSL certificates.
Automated SSL certificate provisioning and renewal for your custom domains.
Database backups.
Automated daily backups of your database with point-in-time recovery.
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