Optimize your Commerce Operations

Stateset is the operations platform for direct-to-consumer merchants

All of your Commerce Workflows

All-in-one platform

Stateset centralizes and automates data across all of your commerce apps giving you the ability to optimize your workflows like never before.

Stateset automates inventory management, return management, customer service, subscription management and accounts receivable. The Stateset Network brings direct-to-consumer merchants, warehouses, suppliers and other partners onto the same platform allowing for seamless multi-party automation.

Customer Relationship Management

You can manage customer lifetime value all from a single dashboard.

Inventory Management

You can manage incoming, available and warehouse counts for each SKU.

Returns Management

You can manage RMA creations, return label creation and refund processing.

Subscriptions Management

You can manage integrated subscription billing lifecycles and events powered by Stripe.


Email and SMS notifications for updates on any post-purchase process.

Global Site Search

Find what you need in real-time with enterprise-grade global search.

Reporting and Analytics

Find what you need with advanced filters, bulk actions and quick views.

Mobile Web

Use Stateset on your Mobile Device to check on your commerce operations.
Support team

Deliver what your customers want every time

Stateset automates your post-purchase operations and gives your team a single source of truth to run your business. You will be able to automate your business across multiple applications and have complete visibility and control.

App Integrations
Increase in Customer Response Times
Increase in Recurring Revenues

Automate your Shipping Notifications

Stateset integrates with all DTC Shipping platforms for event driven notifications throughout the post-purchase process.

Intelligent Customer Support

Our AI chat is powered by best in class language models leveraging the state-of-the art GPT3 language model.

Lightning Fast Cart Integration

Acccelerate your sales and post-purchase processes by directly integrating with you ecommerce storefront.

Gift Cards, Discounts and Credits

Manage coupons, credits to orders and subscription billing.

Speed up Commerce with External Partners, using Stateset Connect

Stateset Connect allows your organization to network business processes across suppliers, vendors and financers. You can connect with new partners or invite your existing partners.

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Stateset is built on technology that is 10x faster and 10x easier to implement than legacy commerce operations software.